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Podcast Launch Service

You want to make your podcast irresistible to listeners. Launching your podcast with a plan from the get-go is what you have to do to make your show stand out and hook your listeners from your intro. With competition growing on a daily basis, creating binge-worthy content that’s released regularly will not only attract new listeners but keep them wanting more. Setting yourself up for success with a clear vision will make the process run nicely and smoothly. From helping build your sonic identity to your cover art to your background music, we can work with you hand-in-hand to reach your desired audience.
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Podcast Production Service

It’s not just hitting a couple of buttons and buying a fancy headset or an expensive Macbook. Sure, that helps, but it’s not what makes a podcast sound professional. We can make you sound like the pro that you can be. Our podcast production service team knows their stuff, crafting an expert aesthetic to suit your branding needs. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? We’re an inspired bunch, drawing from our favourite podcasts, TV shows, music, radio broadcasting, and beyond. We dream in sound. Our audio editing experience can take your podcast to the next level. Zorbiant is an award-winning podcast production agency.
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Podcast Editing Service

Our podcast editing services is more than just removing “ums” and “ahhs”. When your podcast is playing, you don’t want your listeners to be much distracted by poor audio quality. This is where our audio editing services comes in. No more awkward long pauses or filler words, we will get your podcast polished and mastered to the highest-quality audio standards. But our podcast editing services doesn’t stop there. As a podcast and audio editing company we can edit for content, story or script structure, add-in music or notes from your sponsors, the list goes on.
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Podcast Marketing Service

Producing a high-quality podcast requires a lot of time and effort, and promoting every episode through a well-planned marketing campaign can be even more time-consuming. Fortunately, Zorbiant's podcast marketing service is here to help. Every podcast is different and our creative team will use proven strategies that ensure every base is covered for each and every episode consistently. Whether your main objective is lead generation, increasing brand awareness, or improving customer engagement, as one of the leading podcast marketing agencies we can tailor a campaign that meets your specific ROI goals. So, get ready to see some exciting results with our podcast marketing services!
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Podcast Booking Service

Podcast interviews are a rapid and highly efficient method for increasing brand awareness. At Zorbiant, we provide podcast hosts and guest speakers with a personalized and boutique experience that goes above and beyond. We provide a completely managed service for booking you on podcasts that your audience loves. Get featured on popular podcast shows as a guest speaker and effectively reach target audiences at scale. Our service includes finding, pitching, and securing speaking engagements on the most pertinent podcasts in your topic space.
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Virtual Event Production

Virtual events can significantly propel your brand awareness and lead generation goals. In this not so new anymore remote-working world, quality content that can reach people where they are is more important than ever. We have the expertise in-house to build your own branded virtual event from the ground up. That means reliable technology, robust content planning, and the highest quality production. Through in-depth consultancy, we deliver objectives-driven, content-focused events which place your audience at the heart of everything we do. Whether taking place over a few hours or a few days, our comprehensive virtual event service will ensure your live and/or recorded streams flow seamlessly, from bridging in remote speakers to managing the content on screen.
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