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Our podcast editing services is more than just removing “ums” and “ahhs”. When your podcast is playing, you don’t want your listeners to be much distracted by poor audio quality. This is where our audio editing services comes in. No more awkward long pauses or filler words, we will get your podcast polished and mastered to the highest-quality audio standards. But our podcast editing services doesn’t stop there. As a podcast and audio editing company we can edit for content, story or script structure, add-in music or notes from your sponsors, the list goes on.
Podcast Editing Service

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Focus on your strengths and leave your podcast editing to us. As a podcast editing company we can save you both time and money. A well edited podcast has a significant advantage over one that isn't. There's a lot more to it than just getting rid of the filler words, or noise from your neighbour's lawn mower. It entails providing content to your listeners in the most engaging and interesting form possible. It's challenging and time-consuming to edit an episode into a concise final product, and you don't have that time. Being a podcast editing business we can go beyond just sound, also help you craft a narrative, build a script, add some show notes and transcriptions, even give your show a title if you need it. Utilise our full podcast creation services. It’s all about the story after all.


What can you do to raise the quality of your podcast? Just audio editing services is not the answer. The final product is significantly influenced by good planning and research. We can help here too. Optimise everything that occurs prior to pressing the record button. We’ll sweat the small stuff and get it right for you the first time.


Now this is all you here. Record your narrative material, guest interview, or panel discussion and send it to us. We can even provide you our slick platform to record on. We can offer technical support & advice to get best audio quality. We’ll go beyond the basics to make the sound amazing and prepare your episodes for your audience.


This is where the magic happens. We’ll get your podcast sounding epic, add some music, a jingle or two, cut out the kettle going off- you name it. Our expert podcast editing service will keep your listeners interested and uphold your brand with carefully produced, high-quality audio that sets you apart from the competition.


We’ll send your polished podcast episode that’s ready to go. Alternatively, we can handle the distribution too. From setting up your podcast hosting service to creating great show titles, descriptions, graphics, and submitting to all relevant podcast directories - Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Podcasts.
Our imagination to amplify your vision

Let the creatives go wild

Our imagination to amplify your vision

There’s so much more to podcasting than a microphone and an idea. It’s a wildly creative medium, where your skills as a talker, listener, writer, producer…all come in to play. So, how do you standout, when it seems like you’re going up against all the cool, artistic kids? By listening to those that know a thing or two about the podcasting world. It’s us, we’re talking about us.
Our imagination to amplify your vision
Beyond the vocals

Whoever said content is king

Beyond the vocals

Your podcast is not an island - if you have an audience or a group that you’re trying to connect with, you have to take into account of what they want to listen to. You've got to keep your listeners in mind when you’re creating new content, trying out new interviewing techniques, or even choosing your guests for your show. We can help you analyse what your audience wants and will keep them tuning in week-after-week to your fantastic show.
Beyond the vocals
If you create it, they will listen

Your listeners are your best asset

If you create it, they will listen

If you create engaging, binge-worthy content on a regular basis that hooks in your listeners, then you’ve got a new subscriber, an ardent follower and a loyal fan who engages with your brand. And the best part? They’ll tell all of their friends about an awesome new podcast that they listened to and then get their friends hooked on your show too. And so it begins!
If you create it, they will listen
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We collaborated with Rahul & his team at Zorbiant for a Podcast series - "Data Stories: Leaders at Work". They produced 38 high quality episodes securing interviews with a variety of engaging guests from CEO's to entrepreneurs and senior leaders resulting in a personal and engaging educational conversation throughout the series. Guests welcomed the seamless experience. Awesome job, Zorbiant!
Carlos Serra, COO
The Muscle Help Foundation
Zorbiant have really helped us grow our audience, relevant followers & engagement, more importantly increasing new business enquiries. I am extremely happy with their service and would highly recommend them.”
Dawn-Louise Kerr, Director
We approached Rahul and his team when we wanted to turn the Transforming Insight book into a Transforming Insight podcast. We've had very professional, friendly, and engaging support from Zorbiant at every step along the way, and I hope that we continue to work with them for many years to come.
James Wycherley, Chief Executive
Day One
Working with Zorbiant changed everything for us. They took what was just an idea and helped it turn it into a successful and professionally developed podcast. We are about to start our third series and now have people proactively asking if they can come on as guests which must say something!
Hannah Mann, Founding Partner
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