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Transforming Insight Podcast

Transforming Insight Podcast

From - Insight Management Academy

Insight Management Academy (IMA) was in need of a partner to manage the entire production and distribution of their podcast, Transforming Insight.

James Wycherley, Chief Executive of IMA wanted to turn his book “Transforming Insight – The 42 Secrets of Successful Corporate Insight Teams” into a podcast series to reach new and their existing audiences to create awareness of their forum and consulting services for brands in the marketing insights industry. They needed a partner that would manage the entire process, help to produce high-quality content, and increase traffic and leads for IMA.  
Transforming Insight - Podcast growth statistics

IMA set goals to achieve high-quality content, reach their target listener base, generate new opportunities, and engage with existing stakeholders.

The IMA partnered with Zorbiant to take on the production process of the Transforming Insight Podcast. Zorbiant focused on sound design elements and the quality of the podcast to make the series more engaging for listeners while also ensuring that the content remains concise and valuable for their target audience.
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Through unique brand storytelling, the Transforming Insight podcast is helping brand-side insight leaders from the marketing & advertising industry transform their insight teams and practice.

The Transforming Insight podcast has received an impressive number of downloads and unique listeners with an upward growth rate month over month. It featured in leading industry publications and articles such as Quirks and was also nominated for “The Annual Market Research Podcast Award 2022”. The Transforming Insight podcast continues to increase IMA's awareness, engagement and strategic partnerships. 

Transforming Insight - Podcast award

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